Statistical Training Services

Dr. Kevin J Carroll is pleased to offer a range of practical, tailored training courses to statisticians and non-statisticians in a number of important areas including:

  • Survival Analysis
  • Practical Adaptive Design
    • Phase II/III dose selection design
    • Adaptive dose ranging design
    • Phase II/III sample size re-estimation design
    • Phase II/III patient subpopulation selection design
    • Phase II/III futility design
  • Practical Phase II trial design for decision making
  • Interim analyses and Group Sequential Designs
  • Independent Data Monitoring Committees
  • Binary and Ordered categorical data analysis
  • Clinical trials simulation
  • Large ‘Outcomes’ Trial Design
  • MCRT trial design and analysis
  • Meta-analyses
  • Sample sizing methodology

Courses for non-statisticians such as global development leaders, physicians, medical communications scientist, project leaders are typically aimed toward an appreciation of statistical thinking and principles as applied to drug development and drug regulation rather than nuts-and-bolts statistics teaching.